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In the Dedvukaj home, quality time and family traditions center around the dinner table. That’s where the 11/11 Burgers & Fries story begins. Being raised on the family farm in his home country of Albania, Luk Dedvukaj, proprietor of 11/11 Burgers & Fries, came from humble beginnings.

He spent his early days caring for farm animals like chickens, lambs, pigs, and cows and tending to their bountiful vegetable garden. For the most part, their farm supplied them with everything they needed. Holidays and feast day celebrations around the Dedvukaj table were full of family, fun, and fresh food.

In 1991, Luk emigrated to the United States, settling in Manhattan, where he worked for several fine restaurants. From there, he started his career in the construction business, developing his trade skills and his love for design and building. His love for building design and fresh, wholesome food led him to create a new restaurant concept, 11/11 Burgers & Fries.

From there, it’s history…

Homemade Burgers
1111 Burgers & Fires

Luk’s Vision

Build a beautiful restaurant that serves customers healthy, wholesome, and fresh food like he experienced growing up in Europe.

Fresh Meat

Everything on the menu here at 11/11 Burgers & Fries is prepared daily from scratch. Fresh burgers are ground and patted on-site at our prep kitchen and then delivered in refrigerated trucks, so they are never frozen.
Fresh Dough

Fresh Dough

Our bread dough is mixed on-site and baked daily in our ovens… toasted to perfection.

Delicious Sides

Our tasty sides are the perfect pair for your burger cravings. We only use the freshest vegetables, sweet yellow onions, and Yukon gold potatoes for our delicious sides. Are fries not your thing? Buckle up, and we’ve got the perfect sides for everyone.
Straight Fries
Homemade Burgers

11/11 Sauce

To top your burger, you have to try our special 11/11 Sauce. Like everything else, the 11/11 Sauce is made from scratch with fresh ingredients and love. The recipe is imported from Europe, so you know it’s good.

We pledge to provide the community with healthy, fresh, homemade food to enjoy with the family … like back home.

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